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Supporting the industry for over 25 years, Sedgwick has unparalleled experience managing product recalls of all sizes for eight of the top 10 global food and beverage manufacturers.

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You are the expert in getting your product to market. Once there, in-market risks and challenges increase exponentially.

Regulatory scrutiny has been increasing around the world in response to a number of high-profile product recalls and rising consumer expectations for product safety in the food and beverage industry. In fact, the severity of regulatory responses to potential contamination or food safety events has been increasing greatly as local health officials push for immediate action rather than wait for test results and science to lead the way.

This new approach follows a number of fatal foodborne illness outbreaks, but the trend does not apply only to those risks. Undeclared allergens, toxins, manufacturing errors, mislabeling or unintentional cross-contamination and environmental contamination are a growing risk for food manufacturers.

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Product recall

Food and beverage product recall management

When food safety is on the line, growers, processors, manufacturers and distributors rely on Sedgwick brand protection’s comprehensive infrastructure and industry-leading expertise to remove products from shelves and worries from consumers’ minds.

Product recall management for food companies

As supply chains and industry regulations increase in complexity, food recalls have become more prevalent than ever before.

An effective product recall, market withdrawal or retrieval quickly removes impacted products from shelves and restores consumer confidence. If not executed properly, this step can expose companies throughout the supply chain to potential litigation and brand damage. To compete in this ever-changing environment, manufacturers need a combination of unparalleled experience, field-based services and data-driven technology.

Product recall management for grocers

Grocers can ensure the quick removal of all affected products from stores by proactively defining a recall management process before any events occur. A combination of notification services, call center support and an agile, global product removal team make the difference between a successful food and beverage recall and a brand in crisis.

Product recall preparation is particularly important for grocers who make their own food under private labels. In the event of a product recall, grocers with their own private labels are held to the same standards as manufacturers. As an experienced solutions provider, Sedgwick’s brand protection experts understand regulatory nuances and provide invaluable insight into the product recall process, helping grocers quickly and efficiently execute recalls — while simultaneously protecting their brand.

Product recall management for food manufacturers, producers and growers

Sedgwick’s brand protection team provides invaluable expertise and guidance during critical recall tasks such as satisfying complex regulatory compliance obligations. We also conduct on-site effectiveness checks and monitor compliance with other product handling requirements through quality audits; identify and notify affected parties throughout the entire supply chain; and coordinate seamless communication with all parties through a state-of-the-art communication center.

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Remediation programs for food and beverage manufacturers

When a consumer complains about a serious defect or problem with a product, manufacturers know that a swift response, rapid retrieval of the affected product and appropriate testing are critical steps in minimizing damage to the brand. Sedgwick’s brand protection field team is capable of mobilizing within 24 hours to retrieve products from consumer homes, submit them for testing and deliver replacement products. Our team efficiently removes affected products throughout the supply chain, minimizing risk to manufacturers and grocers around the globe.

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Improving or fixing products in the market is no simple matter.

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Customer and supply chain retention

Engaging and retaining customer and supply chain partners

When it comes to food and beverages, many brands and products are intertwined with powerful personal memories. That will never change. But don’t be fooled into thinking that correlates to loyalty. Customers stay loyal to the companies that provide the best service – the best personal connection – not the product label or what’s in the box. That’s true now more than ever before. Customers want to know that when there is an issue with a product, the company is there to help. Customers’ faith in a brand – and their likelihood to remain a customer – can depend on those interactions.

Call center support for customer and partner retention

Sedgwick brand protection offers a diverse, integrated suite of communication services that give customers and prospects immediate, concise and helpful information through all relevant channels, including multilingual call centers, click-to-call and web chat. Each call center program is created with customer engagement and retention in mind. By ensuring a single point of contact, Sedgwick’s brand protection experts build rapport and trust with customers while significantly reducing potential miscommunication and opportunities for error.

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