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Supporting the industry for over 25 years, Sedgwick is the market-leading provider of product recall, remediation and customer retention solutions for industrial and component manufacturers.

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The more complex the supply chain, the less likely a manufacturer will know who supplies every component.

More so, with many industries characterized by complex and closely interlocked logistics chains, it is even less likely that the manufacturer has audited every first, second or even third-tier supplier’s quality control and traceability programs. It is difficult to identify an unscrupulous supplier who might be using cheaper sub-standard materials, or even counterfeit parts.

Add to that the fact that manufacturing plants are now mostly automated. And while automation should increase efficiency and reduce human error, it also introduces the risk of a cyberattack. Motivated by extortion or malicious intent, hackers could theoretically change or contaminate a product at the point of manufacture by controlling machinery or changing processes.

Increasingly complex global supply chains coupled with restrictions in trade and travel and changing suppliers are all reasons that companies should conduct proactive risk assessments and capability audits. Adopting a proactive mindset and approach ensures product recall and remediation procedures sufficiently hold up under current conditions. Sedgwick’s brand protection experts work with you to examine all possible points of failure. We develop and adjust processes to protect your business and customers from the reputational and brand damage that can follow a product recall, market withdrawal or other quality-driven crisis.

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Product recall

Growing technological advancements and innovation, while beneficial can also bring a higher rate of product recalls and market withdrawals. The greater the complexity of a product, the greater the scope for something to go wrong. Component parts that can work across multiple platforms generate significant production savings, however if a part fails, the product recall is potentially greater than it would be if a part was specific to just one model of a product.

Industrial product recall management

Sedgwick’s brand protection solutions can help establish effective product recall communication procedures with customers and partners so that all parties can be notified and updated as needed using any platform including phone, email, SMS or social media. In addition, we can quickly organize call centers and deploy field forces to find and remediate impacted product — all while keeping meticulous records that will protect you in the event of regulatory investigations or litigation.

Sedgwick’s brand protection experts have managed more than 5,000 of the most time-critical and sensitive global product recall and remediation programs across more than 60 countries and multiple industries. That experience makes our team uniquely qualified to help with product recalls across a single model or across multiple products and a range of manufacturers.

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Industrial product remediation programs

Multi-platform parts require manufacturers to have a suite of scalable solutions that can be tailored to each specific scenario, whether you need to correct one model or hundreds that all use the same part. Sedgwick's brand protection knowledge, proven practices and collaborative processes provide manufacturers with a comprehensive, single-source solution. We offer global on-site corrections in manufacturing facilities, stores or anywhere in the supply chain to ensure that potentially harmful products are quickly and professionally repaired or removed from the market.

If a product needs to be retrieved due to a market withdrawal, recall or consumer complaint, Sedgwick’s global team of field representatives is able to rapidly mobilize to correct faulty products on-site, install software updates, retrieve products for disposition, or return products to manufacturers for testing. Our fast and effective on-site visits allow for the retrieval of affected products, while our follow-up on-site audits can verify that products were removed or repaired properly.

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Improving or fixing products in the market is no simple matter.

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Customer and supply chain retention

Engaging and retaining customer and supply chain partners

Customers want to feel that companies care about them and when there is an issue with a product, that the company is there to help. Customers want a trustworthy connection. And their faith in a brand — and their likelihood to remain a customer — can depend on those interactions.

Call center support for customer and partner retention

Sedgwick offers access to multilingual call center agents that provide your customers with immediate, concise and helpful information through both inbound and outbound channels. Each call center program is created with customer engagement and retention in mind. By ensuring a single point of contact, Sedgwick’s brand protection team is able to build rapport and trust with customers while significantly reducing potential miscommunication and opportunities for error.

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