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Supporting the industry for over 25 years, Sedgwick has unparalleled experience managing product recalls of all sizes for nine of the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies.

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You are the expert in getting your product to market. Once there, in-market risks and challenges increase exponentially.

Pharmaceutical companies are faced with managing increasingly complex supply chains, heightened regulatory scrutiny and an ever-evolving risk landscape. As more independent labs, pharmacies and academic institutions take a larger role in monitoring product safety and quality, the risks to brands and reputations will increase. Companies need a clear and comprehensive plan that demonstrates their commitment to product safety and quality, strengthens quality systems to help forestall future crises, and maintains reputations with customers and market share.

Sedgwick’s brand protection solutions combine an industry-leading planning and implementation process with proven tools and expertise to enhance the speed and effectiveness of any product recall, market withdrawal, retrieval or in-market challenge.

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Product recall

Pharmaceutical product recall management

Effective product recall management requires immediate access to pharmaceutical distribution lists in order to reach vast networks of retailers, pharmacies, medical providers and — most importantly — patients. Unfortunately, many manufacturers have gaps in their distribution networks, which can delay their recall response.

The notification, retrieval, processing, storage and disposal of recalled products are complex undertakings that require effective management of risks to minimize impacts and protect the value across the business and in-market. Sedgwick’s brand protection solutions provide a quality-driven processing infrastructure that includes state-of-the-art security, segregated storage of recalled product, advanced product handling equipment, and the surge capacity to assist clients in all steps of the pharmaceutical product lifecycle.

Sedgwick’s brand protection experts know what it takes to manage pharmaceutical product recalls in a way that uphold your commitments to customers, supply chain partners, industry groups and regulators.

Over-the-counter drug recalls

Both over-the-counter drug manufacturers and retailers face the daunting task of notifying consumers during a product recall. The wide distribution and use of over-the-counter drugs complicate the logistics of their removal. Sedgwick’s global field team can help remove affected products from shelves with the speed and accuracy required by regulatory agencies. To meet operational challenges, our trained recall consultants offer critical drug recall services including on-site product effectiveness checks, notification services, product processing, secure storage facilities, and government-mandated preparedness planning.

Prescription drug recalls

Despite rigorous clinical testing and a stringent drug approval process, prescription drug recalls continue to occur. When a single oversight could lead to class action litigation, unprecedented fines or even imprisonment, pharmaceutical recalls have no margin for error. Sedgwick’s brand protection experts can handle a pharmaceutical recall or market withdrawal of any size. From satisfying complex regulatory guidelines to coordinating seamless notification and response, product retrieval, storage and ultimately, product disposition — our team is singularly qualified to navigate prescription drug recalls.

Our propriety product recall data management system enhances visibility, monitoring and tracking during each step of the recall lifecycle. Additionally, utilizing a central data repository helps manufacturers ensure timely and accurate compliance reporting to regulatory agencies. From planning and initiation through execution, reporting and termination — Sedgwick had unparalleled experience managing product recalls of all sizes for 17 of the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies.

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Pharmaceutical remediation programs

To effectively manage product returns, pharmaceutical companies need streamlined processes and a proven infrastructure. Our fully automated, in-house tracking and monitoring services simplify the returns process to effectively handle expired and nonperforming inventory, reduce human error, and increase processing efficiencies. With fast returns processing and a focus on accurately applying each manufacturer’s specific return policy, Sedgwick’s brand protection solutions efficiently generate the data necessary for reimbursement.

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Improving or fixing products in the market is no simple matter.

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Customer and supply chain retention

Engaging and retaining customer and supply chain partners

The customer experience is a leading indicator of both current and future brand loyalty. That’s particularly true when dealing with products that help treat everything from heartburn and the common cold to the most challenging viruses or debilitating diseases.

For pharmaceutical companies, communicating with consumers requires a touch that’s different from the approach you take with medical professionals. The power of positive interactions carries equal weight with both audiences. Customers want to feel appreciated and cared for. Most importantly, they want to know that when there is an issue with a product, the company is there to help. Customers’ faith in a brand — and their likelihood to remain a customer — can depend on those interactions.

Call center support for customer and partner retention

Sedgwick’s brand protection solutions offer access to multilingual call center agents that provide your customers and prospects with immediate, concise and helpful information through both inbound and outbound channels. Each call center program is created with customer engagement and retention in mind. By ensuring a single point of contact, Sedgwick’s brand protection team is able to build rapport and trust with customers while significantly reducing potential miscommunication and opportunities for error.

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