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Supporting the industry for over 25 years, Sedgwick has unparalleled experience managing product recalls of all sizes for four of the top five global technology brands.

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You are the expert in getting your product to market. Once there, in-market risks and challenges increase exponentially.

Advancements in technology are both a boon and a challenge for product recall and remediation issues. On the one hand, they offer an opportunity to improve the quality and traceability of products. On the other, they create new risks.

In addition to product recalls, companies increasingly face risks related to data security and privacy concerns, cyberattacks and lithium-ion battery risks. This is all in addition to the unknown threats that accompany innovative but largely untested advances in artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and biotechnology.

Evolutions in technology will also raise troublesome questions around liability and insurance. Blockchain and other advances are making it easier for regulators and manufacturers to trace products and identify liable parties. For example, genome-sequencing technology is providing food safety regulators with a powerful new tool to identify sources of contamination or foodborne illness outbreaks, such as listeria and salmonella. All these changes mean companies and their advisers must constantly keep pace with new scientific developments.

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Product recall

With the continued adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, technology is becoming an integral part of a growing number of products. As that trend continues, even companies with existing product recall plans and remediation procedures need to review them to ensure that their processes not only reflect changes to product offerings, but also account for the new and constantly changing risks posed by the technologies that are now embedded in them.

Sedgwick’s brand protection experts ensure that companies create custom product recall and remediation plans based on their specific product risks, regulatory environments, supply chains and customer bases.

Technology product recall management

Innovative technology tends to lead to more recalls. And recalls of IoT products are becoming larger, more complex and strictly regulated every day. With new and emerging technologies employing artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and biotechnology will come new risks and threats many companies haven’t seen before.

The true extent of safety and cybersecurity risks created by the integration of technology into traditional products like cars, refrigerators, home alarms, healthcare products etc., is yet unknown. For example, the widespread introduction of autonomous driving is likely to see a shift in liability from individuals to product manufacturers, resulting in increased risk of automotive recalls. Without a driver to blame for a car crash, a series of accidents will raise safety concerns that could trigger a massive recall event.

Sedgwick’s brand protection experts are singularly qualified to address the most difficult issues of any product recall or corrective action. With experience of managing more than 5,000 of the most time-critical and sensitive global product recall and remediation programs across more than 60 countries and multiple industries, we can help clients manage these new challenges.

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Technology remediation programs

Because technology can be integrated into such a wide range of products, a scalable, customizable solution is critical. The ability to manage global on-site device corrections in manufacturing facilities, at retail locations and even in consumers’ homes ensures that potentially harmful products are quickly and accurately repaired or removed from the market.

If a technology product needs to be withdrawn from the market, retrieved in response to a specific consumer complaint, or updated with the latest software or patch, Sedgwick’s global team of field representatives is at your disposal. This network is able to rapidly mobilize to correct faulty technology products on-site, execute software upgrades, retrieve devices for disposition, or return products to manufacturers for testing. Sedgwick’s brand protection experts can assist with any product in any industry — from cars to coffee makers, toys to medical devices, and anything in between. Our fast and effective on-site visits allow for the retrieval of affected products, while follow-up audits verify that products were removed or properly repaired.

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Customer and supply chain retention

Engaging and retaining customer and supply chain partners

The customer experience is a leading indicator of both current and future brand loyalty. Customers want to feel appreciated and cared for. They want a trustworthy connection. Most importantly, they want to know that when there is an issue with a product, the company is there to help. Customers’ faith in a brand — and their likelihood to remain a customer — can depend on those interactions.

Call center support for customer and partner retention

Sedgwick provides access to multilingual call center agents that provide your customers and prospects with immediate, concise and helpful information through both inbound and outbound channels. Each call center program is created with customer engagement and retention in mind. By ensuring a single point of contact, Sedgwick’s brand protection team is able to build rapport and trust with customers while significantly reducing potential miscommunication and opportunities for error.

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