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Sedgwick’s technology platforms were developed based on experience with clients in all industries across multiple lines of business and the millions of claims we manage each year. With 2,000+ dedicated IT resources and data scientists, Sedgwick delivers superior technology solutions to some of the world’s premier employers and carriers — and our capabilities and expertise are unparalleled in the industry. We invest millions each year to improve our existing technology and to provide the next generation of claims innovation. Our clients have immediate access to the latest version of our system, as well as new features as soon as they come online.

Claims systems

Our colleagues work within fully integrated, multiline systems that include interfaces for virtually any kind of loss or claims program — whether supporting casualty, property, benefits, marine or specialty service claims. We are using technology to make the client and consumer the focus at every step of the process. Through this approach, we have seen dramatic results — high return on investment, more timely reserving, earlier and increased touch points, better understanding of concerns, decreased litigation, faster resolution and better overall satisfaction.

We continue to enhance our systems with emerging technology. With the introduction of Sidekick — our industry-first integration using Microsoft’s OpenAI tools and services — we’re exploring the impact of generative AI performance and natural language processing on tasks such as claims document summarization, data classification and analysis. Sidekick is designed to supercharge our claims professionals, help them gain value from information more quickly, relay it back to our clients efficiently, and dedicate more time to the people whose care is entrusted to them.


Sedgwick’s viaOne suite of tools provides clients with access to real-time information in our claims management system. Through a secure website, they can track and analyze claims, losses and absences, create homepages with graphical dashboards and key metrics, easily look up and view claims, run standard and ad hoc reports, generate powerful loss triangles to aid in program actuarial analysis, set their own system alerts and much more.

Decision optimization

Sedgwick has built the technology to do more than just reveal meaningful trends in claims data; we use our data to drive decisions that ultimately lead to smarter outcomes for clients, their employees and customers and other stakeholders. This involves looking at specific characteristics of every claim, and then addressing concerns early to help guide them toward the best possible outcome. Doing that effectively for the millions of people Sedgwick serves requires smart technology and automation embedded within our advocacy approach. Our decision optimization platform is the analytical brain behind what we do. It uses proprietary algorithms, machine learning and sophisticated data analysis to automate decisions and appropriately direct the care path.


mySedgwick is a self-service tool that gives claimants and insureds rapid access to view the status of their claim, communicate with their adjuster and receive payments through direct deposit. Intake capabilities are available in mySedgwick for workers’ compensation, disability, leave, property and general and auto liability claims. Consumers can view claim and payment status, update pertinent details, securely interact with their claims professional, opt in to receive push technology communications, report new claims or intermittent absences, sign up for direct deposit, search for a provider, securely upload documents, information or images and much more. mySedgwick offers responsive design, which adapts to any device and offers full functionality on computers, tablets and smartphones. is Sedgwick’s robust and flexible intake and incident management platform. Designed to intelligently address a range of high-volume incidents or claim events, integrates forward-thinking technology behind the scenes so that the intake process is simple to the end user. Advanced features have been added to the multilingual, cloud-hosted platform, enhancing its functionality and potential to take on a wide range of scenarios. Combining the latest technology — real-time system interactions, optical image analysis, robotic process automation and more — enables automated adjudication of claims and fulfillment of processes.

Its embedded intelligent engine and rules-based structure make agile, efficient and clever. Intuitive scripts make it easy to report an incident and capture supplemental information to support the claim handling process. New scripts can be created within a matter of hours. Artificial intelligence and automation capabilities take the approval process for a claim or case from days down to seconds. Connected APIs allow to instantly obtain and share information between many sources. This integrated technology frees adjusters to focus on more complex aspects of the claims process and provide a greater personal touch, enhancing the experience for individuals behind each incident.


Our experienced professionals can provide comprehensive support for clients’ internal claims teams. With our advanced technology, expert resources and integrated services, Sedgwick offers advantages for employers, insurance carriers, pools and associations that no other risk management information system (RMIS) or claims administration software provider can match. In the U.S., Sedgwick’s customizable claims system gives clients the ability to administer claims for workers’ compensation; auto, general and professional liability; property; disability, leave of absence and ADA; and managed care. Our clients can select line of business modules and complementary support services based on their needs – while benefiting from our team’s in-depth claims experience and industry expertise.


When a property or liability event occurs, finding the right local expert to inspect, investigate and adjust a claim can present major challenges for carriers and employers including price, service and cycle time. The right partnerships and tools can mean the difference between quickly amassing a backlog of site visits vs. being ready at a moment’s notice to serve clients. Sedgwick offers a fast model supported by innovative technology designed to address these challenges while improving customer satisfaction.

With Sedgwick's on-demand platform, we expedite the process by enlisting our network of licensed adjusters, inspectors and independent contractors to handle assignments when and where they are needed. The process is facilitated by a mobile app that enables our network in the field to smoothly partner with desk adjusters to capture the right details and to quickly resolve claims.

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