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Trusted by the world’s leading brands, Sedgwick has managed more than 5,000 of the most time-critical and sensitive product recalls in 60+ countries and 20+ languages, over 25 years.

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Product recalls impact thousands of companies every year – putting people and brands at risk.

If managed poorly, a recall often wreaks devastating consequences on a company’s reputation, market share and bottom line.

The biggest costs of a product recall event are business interruption, loss of sales and reputational damage. Companies can mitigate these risks with a product recall management partner that brings scalability to the team and operations, freeing sales and customer management teams to manage their vital day-to-day responsibilities.

Sedgwick’s brand protection experts know what it takes to help companies uphold commitments to customers, supply chain partners, industry groups and regulators. With a 25-year history managing some of the most sensitive product recall challenges in the world, Sedgwick offers the resources and experience necessary to plan for and manage a product recall event, no matter the size, industry or location.

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Sedgwick offers the resources and experience necessary to plan for and manage a product recall event.

Product recall risks

When a product’s safety comes into question, timing is everything — particularly in the digital age when information and misinformation spread rapidly. Decisions need to be made quickly, but ill-judged ones can add cost and damage your reputation.

Product recalls are complex and can have serious consequences if mismanaged. The notification, retrieval, processing, storage and disposal of recalled products are complex undertakings that require proper management of risks to minimize impacts and protect your brand and reputation. The initiation of a product recall is not the time to learn about the many logistical, communications and compliance challenges in play. Prepare and practice your response now to be ready when crisis hits.

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Our recall index report offers expert analysis on the trends shaping safety regulations in your industry.

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Our product recall solutions

Whether you need scalability in your in-house capabilities or a complete, product recall solution from planning through disposal and closeout, Sedgwick has the unmatched experience and resources that helps retain suppliers, reassure customers and protect the brand. Let us put our comprehensive suite of solutions to work for you.

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