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Trusted by the world’s leading brands, we’ve managed more than 5,000 of the most time-critical and sensitive remediation programs including market withdrawals, reverse logistics and supply chain management.

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Nothing says more about a company’s commitment to its customers than its efforts to uphold promises of safety, quality and service.

That’s why companies are often remembered more for how they handle an in-market challenge than for the problem itself.

Any time you need to respond to a product safety or quality issue, you face operational, regulatory, litigation and reputational risks. Effective product remediation programs are essential to quickly restoring operations to normalcy, retaining suppliers and customers, and maintaining market share.

Sedgwick’s brand protection solutions resolve a range of in-market issues that include countless product challenges. This includes repairing connected devices that pose a cybersecurity risk, fixing products under warranty, withdrawing expired product from the market, or retrieving, storing, and disposing of hazardous materials.

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Sedgwick’s solutions resolve a range of in-market issues that include countless product challenges.

Remediation risks

Defective, damaged, out-of-specification and violative products can cause significant financial and reputational damage. Without careful planning and execution, even the most ordinary in-market action can create irreparable reputational damage and lead to legal action or regulatory enforcement.

Wherever the product is in market, Sedgwick’s brand protection experts know what it takes to protect the brand by upholding commitments to consumers, customers, supply chain partners, industry groups and regulators.

Our remediation solutions

Whether you need scalability in your in-house capabilities or a complete remediation solution from planning through closeout, Sedgwick has the unmatched experience and resources that helps retain suppliers, reassure customers and protect the brand. Let us put our comprehensive suite of solutions to work for you.

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Whether you’re planning for — or currently facing — a product recall, market withdrawal or any other in-market product incident, our experts are on hand to support you.

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