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Many businesses underestimate the impact of a single complaint, adverse event or contentious customer or partner engagement. Reputational damage and financial costs often explode due to inadequate planning, lack of capabilities or delayed response. While it is impossible to avoid some of these business and product crises, you can and should prepare for them.

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Every day, we help companies prepare for and respond to a wide range of in-market business and product risks.

We help optimize strategies, plans and processes to work for each company’s unique risk profile. We support in developing the necessary internal and external capabilities to manage risks, minimize impacts and protect value. We establish centralized customer engagement centers that help ensure your customers and partners remain satisfied and loyal.

From beginning to end, we protect businesses, customers and the environment through our comprehensive suite of best practice product recall, remediation and retention solutions.

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We protect businesses, customers and the environment through our comprehensive suite of best practice product recall, remediation and retention solutions.

Product recall

Defective products not only pose a serious safety risk to the public but can also cause significant financial and reputational damage. When a product’s safety comes into question, timing is everything — particularly in the digital age when information and misinformation spread rapidly. Decisions need to be made quickly, but ill-judged ones can add cost and damage your reputation. Unfortunately, many businesses do not sufficiently prepare for such incidents or have the capabilities to react.

With a 25-year history managing some of the most sensitive product recall challenges in the world, Sedgwick’s brand protection experts offer the resources and experience necessary to plan for and ultimately manage a product recall event no matter the size, industry, or location. From notification, through retrieval, processing, storage, reimbursement and replacement to disposal of products — we know what it takes to uphold your commitments to customers, supply chain partners, the industry and regulators.

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Improving or fixing products in the market is no simple matter. But these actions are frequently required for numerous reasons and each present a certain degree of risk. If mismanaged, in-market remediation programs become sizeable and expensive. Without careful planning and execution, even the most ordinary of corrective actions can create irreparable reputational damage and lead to legal action or regulatory enforcement.

Nothing says more about a company’s commitment to its customers than its efforts to uphold promises of safety, quality and service. Whether you need scalability in your in-house capabilities or a complete end-to-end solution to your in-market challenge, Sedgwick’s brand protection experts have the experience and resources you need to plan, manage and deliver the business and customer resolution required.

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Customer retention

The customer experience is a leading indicator of current and future brand performance. When satisfied customers become so loyal they serve as your advocates, the brand becomes truly valuable. But when customer service slips or a company falls short of its promise, there’s arguably nothing more damaging to its reputation.

Trusted by the world's leading brands and businesses, Sedgwick’s brand protection experts ensure your retention programs not only uphold commitments to customers and supply chain partners, but purposefully transform satisfied buyers into loyal brand advocates.

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Whether you’re planning for — or currently facing — a product recall, market withdrawal or any other in-market product incident, our experts are on hand to support you.

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