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Sedgwick is the market-leading provider of product recall, remediation and customer retention solutions for the consumer product industry, supporting manufacturers and four of the world’s top five retailers.

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You are the expert in getting your product to market. Once there, in-market risks and challenges increase exponentially.

Retailers are responsible for every product sold online and throughout their stores — even when there are so many other players in the supply chain from raw ingredients to finished product. When expired or recalled products remain on shelves, manufacturers and retailers face potential regulatory fines and civil liabilities.

Protecting brands and reputations amid product safety and quality crises requires retailers and consumer product companies to work together seamlessly, communicate clearly and quickly with consumers — while collaborating with regulators on matters related to compliance and public safety. Proven consulting and execution strategies delivered by Sedgwick’s brand protection experts help ensure that product concerns are managed with a focus on regulatory compliance, customer satisfaction and retention, and brand protection.

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Product recall

Retail and consumer product recall management

Product recall solutions for manufacturers

Successful manufacturers work to identify potential product defects before a consumer product recall occurs, reducing the risk of brand damage and regulatory fines. Sedgwick’s brand protection experts act as an extension of your brand, mobilizing within 24 hours when a customer complaint warrants the removal of a product from a consumer’s home and quick initiation of quality testing.

Manufacturers minimize risk and opportunity for errors by utilizing an industry expert to manage every step of the product recall or market withdrawal lifecycle including, scope determination, notification, recall execution, product retrieval, remedy management, and product disposition. By leveraging the knowledge gained from thousands of global events, Sedgwick’s brand protection experts bring unsurpassed experience and proprietary technologies to successfully manage and resolve any product recall.

Product recall solutions for retailers

When recalled products remain accessible, retailers have cause for concern. If a retailer isn’t notified of a recall and the product remains on store shelves, the retailer may be subject to a penalty. Government regulations have added increased complexity to retail recalls and fundamentally changed the regulation of consumer product safety – further affecting the management of global supply chains.

Ongoing communication throughout the supply chain is critical to effective product recall management and compliance, especially when dangerous or defective goods pose a risk to public health or safety. Sedgwick’s brand protection solutions offer proven product recall and market withdrawal communications support that ensure the entire supply chain is aligned and informed throughout the incident lifecycle. When time is of the essence, retail brands turn to Sedgwick’s brand protection experts to manage their product recalls and market withdrawals.

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Retail and consumer product remediation programs

Retailers know the importance of keeping expired or recalled products off their shelves in order to protect brand integrity. Speed, accuracy and quality control assurances are critical elements of successful product retrievals. Effective product remediation programs demonstrate a company’s commitment to product safety and quality, strengthen quality systems to help forestall future crises, and maintain reputations with customers and market share.

Sedgwick’s knowledge, proven practices and collaborative processes provide manufacturers with a comprehensive, single-source solution. We offer on-site corrections in distribution centers, retail stores, or anywhere in the supply chain and ensure that potentially harmful products are quickly and professionally repaired or removed from the market.

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Improving or fixing products in the market is no simple matter.

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Customer and supply chain retention

Engaging and retaining customer and supply chain partners

Customers want to feel appreciated and cared for. They want a trustworthy connection. Most importantly, they want to know that when there is an issue with a product, the company is there to help. That’s more challenging for retailers who, in consumers’ minds, represent countless brands sitting on their store shelves. Customers’ faith in a brand — and their likelihood to remain a customer — can depend on those interactions.

Call center support for customer and partner retention

Sedgwick offers a diverse, integrated suite of communication services that give customers immediate, concise and helpful information through all relevant channels, including multilingual call centers, click-to-call and web chat. Each call center program is created with customer engagement and retention in mind. By ensuring a single point of contact, Sedgwick’s brand protection experts build rapport and trust with customers while significantly reducing potential miscommunication and opportunities for error.

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